IMG_9782my name is shai. people have been asking me if i am shy my entire life. so, no – in case you were wondering. the name happens to be Hebrew and it means “gift.” it is also a unisex name, primarily given to boys. so in the states i’m shy and in israel people assume that i’m a boy before hearing or seeing me. i grew up as a typical california girl – went to the beach, ate mexican food, took a limo to prom, attended a UC. a year after college graduation i decided to move to israel.

this blog started out as a place to rant about my unemployment as a new immigrant and share the random thoughts that consumed me during that time, but i took a very long hiatus from writing once i finally found a job. now that i feel settled at my new workplace, i am happy to get back to posting here.

i post mostly about random day-to-day things and include photographs that i take myself. if you love my photos (thank you!) and want to use them, feel free – but please link back to my blog as all of my photos are copyrighted.

and, yes, those are dumpsters behind me.



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