one year.

מקור-1697daniel and i marked the end of our first year of dating at our wedding one year ago today. if the wedding went by in the blink of an eye then i don’t even know what the last year was. we’ve accomplished many things and been to many places, but it still seems surreal that an entire year has passed.

i don’t think that i’ve ever actually heard anyone say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, although i’m pretty sure it’s one of those things that “they” say. isn’t it? throughout the past year i’ve found myself wondering who these “they” are. as far as years are concerned, this one was pretty (pritty) good. for me, at least – i can’t speak for daniel. i have plenty to be grateful for.

i have a husband with a heart of gold. a husband who cares not only about me, but about my family as if it were always his own; who encourages me to do the things that i’m afraid to dream of doing; who has developed an impressive ability to weather my mood swings; who has a sixth sense for my comfort levels when we’re with company and steers conversations away from delicate topics; who does everything with me, my well-being and our future in mind; who takes on all of the chores i hate doing and then some; who always swears ‘no presents’ and then ‘surprises’ me with something anyway; who loves to travel, study cultures and enrich his world view; who sees beauty in absolutely everything and finds reason to be optimistic in any situation; who compliments all of the things i’m self-conscious about (read: anything i attempt in the kitchen); who will go out of his way to help his family and friends, and even strangers*; who is passionate about so many things; who makes me laugh every single day, without exception; who makes me coffee on weekend mornings; who is sentimental and refuses to part with old greeting cards and other keepsakes; who is unbelievably talented and modest and who is embarrassed easily and probably very much so by this post.

thank you for this year, my love. i’m so glad i signed up for a lifetime with you.

מקור-1913 מקור-3519

*daniel and i used to work together and he once burst into a meeting 10 minutes late saying, “sorry, i was helping an old woman cross the street.” i thought he was joking.

**photo credit: david scouri photography

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