one of the first events daniel and i went to together was the tel aviv pride parade two years ago. i was just starting to flirt with photography and i worshiped daniel and his skills. for the record, daniel is an actual photographer – one who can explain how a camera works and what all the fancy features do. he taught me everything i know and continues to whenever we’re shooting and i get stuck wondering why my photos aren’t turning out the way i want. so for a long time, i’d just copy whatever he was doing and hope for the best – fake  it ’til you make it style. over the past couple of years, though, i’ve found my footing. the two of us can wander apart shooting the same place or event and come back to compare what we got and split up again. the parade is a terrible place to do this because two little people like ourselves can easily get lost in the shuffle of 120,000 marchers. which, of course, happened a number of times. at some point late in the afternoon, the heat and the walking took its toll and we decided to call it a day.

i love the pride parade – it’s extravagant, over-the-top, outrageous, open and welcoming.  it’s both bizarre and refreshing. the entire city bursts with color and music and everyone looks and feels exactly the way they want to. especially the exhibitionists – and i love people who love to be photographed.

IMG_9545 IMG_9531

^^ this was not a special tribute to the event – the dan hotel has always been proud ^^IMG_9480 IMG_9516 IMG_9474 IMG_9448


^^ some tel aviv residents enjoyed the parade from their balconies. i’m not sure the older residents had any idea what they were looking at, but they were definitely entertained ^^IMG_9471IMG_9467IMG_9454 IMG_9457

IMG_9420IMG_9494IMG_9443 IMG_9419 IMG_9509 IMG_9586 IMG_9590 IMG_9517 IMG_9505 IMG_9593

^^ this girl ^^IMG_9609

^^ this guy ^^IMG_9561IMG_9550IMG_9559IMG_9564IMG_9606 IMG_9608 IMG_9607

IMG_9511 IMG_9502 IMG_9497 IMG_9613 IMG_9445

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