long weekend.

we have been aching to travel since…well, since we got back from our previous trip. but the wanderlust has been borderline painful in the past couple of months. we didn’t plan far enough in advance to travel over the last holiday – pentecost – and kicked ourselves over it for a little while before deciding to look at the glass half full and take the opportunity to do some traveling in the north of israel and celebrate our upcoming one-year anniversary since we won’t be able to on the actual date. we booked a bed and breakfast in a village called kfar hanania and took day trips on thursday, friday and saturday. here’s what it looked like:

thursday – sight-seeing and people-watching in tzfat 

IMG_9143 IMG_9149IMG_9137IMG_9135IMG_9124 IMG_9153 IMG_9155

^^ tzfat fashion includes christmas kitty t-shirts. they were on sale so i bought two! actually, they were hideous so i bought zero ^^

IMG_9165 IMG_9172

^^ one of my favorite things about tzfat is the turquoise and blue accents they have going on. it’s a beautiful contrast against the white stone all of the city’s buildings are made of ^^


IMG_9180 IMG_9191 IMG_9204

^^ all i wanted to do from the moment we made it to tzfat was eat cheese. tzfat has a local cheese that is one of my favorites. of course, i overate at breakfast and gave up on the idea when we finally found a cheese shop. excuse me, “cheeze” shop ^^

friday – lounging / berry picking / hiking mount meron / rosh hanikra 

IMG_9245 IMG_9221 IMG_9249

^^ that’s the lounging part ^^IMG_9263 IMG_9284IMG_9898 IMG_9293 IMG_9287

IMG_9294^^ on our way to rosh hanikra, we saw a sign on the side of the road for berry picking. we followed the sign to the saddest dozen of berry bushes i’ve ever seen and picked a whopping four berries! the detour was worth it for the rainbow carriages we caught parked outside ^^ IMG_9306


^^ rosh hanikra is the end of the israeli coastline up north near the lebanon border. the waters are dangerous for swimming, but every once in a while a genius will jump off the cliffs here for sport. we got to see a live one – luckily he was alive before and after the jump ^^IMG_9355IMG_9329 IMG_9320IMG_9324


saturday – some more hiking / heading back home IMG_9396

^^ i found a heart in the sky! ^^IMG_9401 IMG_9406

^^ daniel loves to hike. i love it less. and even less than that when i am stalked by bees the whole time which, coincidentally, is what happened on this hike ^^IMG_9413

we had a great weekend together – as we almost always do – but i won’t lie, we spent a good chunk of time contemplating our next travel destination. i am proud to say that we have narrowed it down to three options: the south of france, the south of italy or morocco. have you been to any of these places? please tell me about it!

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