big belly.


one of my closest friends is as pregnant as it gets. when i found out she was pregnant at our favorite mexican place, a few things went through my mind. first, “i knew it!” – followed by “sucks you can’t have a margarita”, then “my money’s on boy”, then a lot of “ermahgerd!” and then – “oh, shit.”

you see, my friend and i have many monumental life changes in common. we moved to israel around the same time, we got real-world-big-girl jobs around the same time, we got married only one day apart. naturally, i wondered what this meant for me, that my friend was now pregnant so soon after her (and my) wedding. well, for one, it meant that any family member i told would, without exception, point out that really there is no need to wait to start a family. and i heard this often and continue to hear (and ignore) it,  but it has been worth it because i’ve watched her grow from a tiny little blonde person to a – still  tiny –  full-fledged, waddling mother-to-be. also, it’s nice to have someone else do the scariest thing on earth first. and also, baby girl (i was so sure it would be a boy) may or may not be born with her father’s goatee – i’m excited to find out.


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