color me happy.

IMG_8676for those of you who do not know, the last week was the jewish celebration of passover. it is a time for recounting trekking through the desert for 40 years by reading a very long story and not eating bread. for me, it is a time that is predominantly marked by copious amounts of family gatherings and food. over the course of the last week we attended five family gatherings and took part in gluttony at its very best.

besides all of the food consumption, we also enjoyed some very welcome quiet time at home. i downloaded some books i have been wanting to read on my (new!) kindle paperwhite and we finally had time to contemplate which robot vacuum is right for us. yes, some of life’s toughest questions were answered over the holiday.

our eating tour across the land of israel brought us to my uncle’s lovely home in a village about an hour south of where we live. we barbecued and drank before taking a short trip to the fields behind the house. we were told there would be flowers, but we had no idea what an incredible sight awaited us – aisles of color-stained fields for as far as the eye could see. i felt like i could snap shots forever and not capture all of its beauty. it was just heavenly until i was told to keep my eyes peeled for snakes – then it became terrifying.

IMG_8677IMG_8665IMG_8680 IMG_8682 IMG_8684IMG_8659 IMG_8661IMG_8681 IMG_8670

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