japan – 3


^^ arashiyama bamboo forest, kyoto ^^

as the third installment of the japan series (see here and here, for the others), i’ve decided to keep this one light on words, but heavy on photos. many of the photos are of kyoto because there were just endless photo opportunities there. the city is one of the most attraction-rich places i have ever visited.  it might also be my favorite of the big cities we had the chance to see. modern city life and historical traditions weave in and out of each other seamlessly and we hardly ever noticed the transition. the highlight was definitely geisha-hunting in gion. really, we scouted dry spots in the pouring rain as we stalked the streets as if to catch a glimpse of a rare bird. those ladies know how to avoid the cameras. in the business of discretion and modesty, you’d be pretty hopeless if you didn’t.

IMG_6773 IMG_6713

^^ one of several rock gardens we visited ^^IMG_6452 IMG_7306 IMG_7302

^^ hitchhiking around mount aso ^^IMG_7357 IMG_6881 IMG_7449

^^ kumamoto castle, kumamoto ^^IMG_6825

^^ kyoto style sushi. we didn’t know there was such a thing either. highly recommended ^^IMG_7471 IMG_6597 IMG_6579

^^ inari shrine, kyoto ^^IMG_6409IMG_6869IMG_6864IMG_7099 IMG_7122 IMG_7164 IMG_7134

^^ miyajima island – where deer roam free and eat receipts right out of your pocket ^^IMG_6652

^^ stalking geishas in gion, kyoto ^^IMG_6887

^^ kinkaku-ji temple, kyoto ^^IMG_7505 IMG_7405

^^ a train, not a plane ^^IMG_6499 IMG_7044 IMG_4159_60_61AdjustIMG_4180_1_2Adjust

^^ hiking onami-no-ike, kirishima national park ^^IMG_7032IMG_6979IMG_7017

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