first april weekend.

IMG_8581there are certain spots around tel aviv that will make an israeli feel like they are vacationing abroad, which is a feeling israelis seek out constantly. it’s the subtle air of european chic that gets us – we just find it so quaint here in the middle east. one of these spots is hatachana – it means “the station” and is called so because it actually used to be a train station. it has since been revamped to be a center for art, culture, dining  and entertainment.

friday morning we purchased the lens we’ve been dreaming of since my favorite one began dying a slow death (very slow; still dying) while we were in japan. she’s a beauty, the new one. we took her out for a spin afterwards at hatachana. we went to the always-delicious vicky cristina for some tapas and food photography – my favorite kind of photography. if you have not already picked up on that then you’ll get it after this post. turns out that there is an adorable health food market set up in the area on friday mornings. it was quite a happy surprise! i’m a sucker for markets. they combine two of my favorite things – people watching and food tasting.

IMG_8526IMG_8576IMG_8540IMG_8573IMG_8544IMG_8538 IMG_8536 IMG_8551IMG_8588IMG_8606IMG_8607IMG_8611IMG_8594IMG_8627IMG_8619IMG_8613IMG_8618

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