growing pains.

port6i’ve observed lately that the weeks have been flying by. sundays (day 1 of the work week here in israel) have ceased to bum me out so much anymore because i know just how quickly the week comes to a close. the odd thing about it is that most of the people around me feel the same way. much like back in high school when time seemed to stand still and everyone around me felt that friday would never come. maybe it’s an age thing – like the older we get, the faster time seems to go by. i guess that’s a fair deal to parents, who have their children to constantly worry about, but at least they know that their time is flying by while their kids are miserable in a perpetual state of yearning for the weekend.

the weeks go by even faster when actual plans are set for after-work hours. usually my after-work plans include: 1. driving home and 2. being at home. this week was eventful – plans included a mid-week movie (the grand budapest hotel), a fancy-ish work party and a concert. it was at the concert that i became acutely aware of how old and frail i have become. the fancy-ish work party from the night before left my sad little muscles stiff and they restricted my every move. i may have also suffered a stress fracture in my right foot. so walking the (maybe 100) steps from the car to the venue proved to by quite challenging. i am also doing myself a huge solid by referring to it as ‘walking’ because it was definitely gimping and nothing more.

i wasn’t ready to admit that a few hours of heels and dancing would bring me to an elevate-and-ice situation so, on friday morning, i met up with a friend at the tel aviv port. lesson learned: listen to your body. this becomes increasingly important as you age. and that, my friends, becomes increasingly depressing as i type. it was worth it, though, because this particular friend is quite the spirit-lifter, the tel aviv port is one of the more attractive places to visit and the friday morning market is quite photogenic.



^ artichokes bloom into this = news to me ^


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