anita6weekends have been on the quiet side lately. it’s not that we don’t want to get out and take in some of what the incredible weather has to offer, it’s more of a can’t-stop-watching- “the office” type of thing. to be fair, it’s not our fault. our streamer plays the episodes one after the other. so if we can’t reach the remote before the intro of the next episode starts, we exchange looks of understanding that the next 20 minutes are blocked and there is no turning back. that, and steve carell is mesmerizing.

friday morning, plans with friends forced us away from the television (thank goodness) so that we could enjoy some fresh air, food and the company of real live people. our friends were visiting from austria and this was not their first time in israel, but it was their first time here with their son. we met  for lunch in the tel aviv neighborhood of neve tzedek and then walked over to anita which is, in my opinion, one of the best ice cream places in tel aviv. it was a lot of fun watching their little guy enjoy ice cream in the sunshine – not something austrians generally enjoy in march.

after a few errands we found ourselves back on the couch, happy to spend the rest of the weekend taking in a season five marathon. if you are familiar with “the office” then you may already know that this means several more non-social weekends, as there are nine glorious seasons. and i’m thinking next weekend we prepare meals and a few pints of ice cream in advance so that we don’t have to see the light of day.


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