hummus -1yesterday i wasn’t feeling so hot so i left work at lunchtime. once i got home i passed out for a clean five hours and spent the rest of the evening in bed reading. normally, i like to look at the bright side of being sick and remind myself that it is nature’s best appetite suppressant.  unfortunately fortunately, i never made it that far. i woke up this morning well-rested and very hungry.

in  mediterranean cuisine, hummus reigns king and there is often discussion about where the best hummus can be found. i have always argued for hummus hagingi (which roughly means “gingi’s hummus” – “gingi” like “ginger”, because the owner is a redhead) in kibbutz einat. hummus hagingi opens its doors (doors?  it’s a shack. literally, a business run out of an old shipping container) at 8:30am mondays through fridays and closes shop when they run out of hummus. it’s as authentic as it gets. they serve generous portions of hummus and tack on as many falafel balls and extra servings as your heart desires. i hadn’t been there in about two years. so when i woke up healthy and hungry this morning, i knew it was written in the stars that we go there.

we were seated at a large table with another party – two couples, one israeli and another where the man was israeli and the woman was presumably american. she seemed pretty disinterested and wanted to share a plate so that kind of gave it away. we ordered quickly and the food came out three minutes later. at the table next to us, a group of young men was seated. one of them had an adorable dog with him. every time we see a dog while we are out we immediately have the ever-enthusiastic “let’s adopt one!” discussion. as of yet, we have not adopted. this was the 526th time we have talked about it.

we were having a casual conversation when, out of the corner of my eye, i spot this adorable dog getting into position to take a steaming dump right between our tables. of course, we do nothing except for stuff our mouth holes while we watch him find relief. it was a big one. you could almost tell this dog was impressed with himself. like he had just made something outstanding in pottery class. not seven seconds later an unsuspecting patron lands his foot right in the dog’s creation. mouths full, we cringed, but the chewing and swallowing went on – we are not so easily phased. poor guy, though. he didn’t even notice, to the relief of the dog’s owner. the dog went back to hanging out under his owner’s table – probably silently weeping. the owner picked up the remains and went back to his meal and we went back to not adopting a dog.



[ he is adorable ]

3 thoughts on “hummus.

  1. You know nothing! Mama Hummus (which roughly means momma hummus) in Petach Tikva (roughly meaning opening of hope, probably the most ironic of city names) is the best.
    It is known.

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