weekend bits.

weekend8the truly fun part of being in a relationship is the surprises. not the kind that come in gift bags or even the ones that come after a ceremonious blindfold removal. the best surprises are the kind that teach you something about your partner in a way that catches you off guard.  this weekend i learned that mine knows how to change a tire. i didn’t know anyone actually possessed this skill. i suppose that this comes as less of a surprise and more of a relief as now i know for sure i’ll never have to do it myself. yes! dreams do come true. nevertheless, i learned how to since no flat tire event would be complete without a step-by-step lesson.

after the ordeal, we headed north to mount gilboa where the iris blooms (allegedly). the flower even has a hiking trail named after it, yet there were no irises to be found. still, we enjoyed the view, the cows and, of course, the sweet smell of cows. not my favorite smell, but very close as you might imagine.

laziness and exhaustion later got the best of me when i overpaid for mediocre sushi to be delivered to our door for dinner. miraculously, though, it tasted wonderful accompanied by white wine and copious amounts of sriracha. we watched ‘frozen’ and concluded that ‘despicable me 2’ deserves the oscar – even though we’ve only seen three of the movies in that category. unfortunately, due to the time difference, i will not be watching the academy awards at 3a.m. israel standard time, but i am definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s influx of  gown comparisons and deep thoughts on actors’ facial hair choices.


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