a somber day.

somber3every once in a while something awful happens that forces you to put your woes in perspective. most of the things that consume our thoughts and commandeer our minds (my mind at least) are completely petty and lacking in any significant consequence. it’s not easy to let go, dismiss the little things that drive us mad and live a life of zen in this world – not on a daily basis anyway. but on a day like today, somehow, i find that i am capable.

today a dear friend of ours said his good-byes to his sister. she was robbed of the rest of her days by the phantom we call cancer at an age when the rest of us are using the future tense to plan weeks, months and years ahead. we stood by and looked on as an entire family grieved for the loss of their daughter, their sister, wife – mother.

i’m not fond of the clichés that say we should all live our lives to the fullest, make the most of every moment – seize the day! they are nice, but they aren’t realistic; not in modern-day western society. when exactly is one meant to live their life to the fullest? sometime between 9:00pm and 6:45am, i suppose. unfortunately, we have yet to develop an app for the energy required to carpe diem before morning traffic and after working hours. luckily, though, i do have an app that keeps track of my calorie intake; and also one that counts how many steps i take in a day. however, what i do believe in is taking in the tiny details of the day and magnifying them until you have made yourself totally aware that you are alive. and that you know how lucky that is for you. for me, this means ending the day wholly thankful for a tiny kiss goodnight from my husband.

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