well, hello. it has been quite some time. three years time, in fact. i abandoned the blog – it’s true. at first, because nothing was really going on and, then, because too much was going on. also, because I have a fear of commitment. no, not really. but, in this case, yes. follow? so for all intents and purposes, i hereby do not commit to posting on a regular basis, by any definition of the word regular. i have taken the liberty of clearing all previous posts so that we can start fresh. you are welcome. let’s do this.

it so happens that once in a blue moon, something occurs in nature that inspires me to voluntarily drive into ungodly traffic on a perfectly fine saturday morning. a saturday morning that could have been spent reading in bed with a glass of red – an activity i enjoy regardless of the unconventional time for alcohol consumption. this particular saturday, though, would be filled with a different kind of red. a red of the blooming variety. red anemones carpet the south of israel in the winter. someone was clever enough to brand this phenomenon “darom adom” – which means “red south” (not a tribute to civil war-era america, rather…) – a fun little rhyme to attract day-trippers from all over the country. well, i have never been known to resist a rhyme. so, off we drove with cameras in tow.

image5 IMG_8217 image2image1IMG_8219

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